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Welcome to Belor Home Health.Inc!

Belor Home Health is a leader in quality home health care covering Houston and San Antonio TX . Belor Home Health was created to help seniors on Medicare to live better, healthier lives and take care of their physical well-being while in the comfort of their home. Our mission is "To Care for your Loved Ones at Home."  If you have Medicare, our services, once approved, may be fully covered.
If recommended by your doctor, Belor Home Health will be able to provide you with services ranging from Skilled Nursing visits, Physical Therapy visits to Medical Social Worker visits, depending on the treatment plan you are given. We are also happy to offer our professional medical services such as .
If you are not sure if our services are right for you, please ask your doctor or give us a call at 1(713) 534-1486 and one of our professional staff members will be able to help you.
If you are a physician or a family member who is in need of home health provider services, please click on the "Submit Referral" link above.